KIMAX 1      Spring

Trailer set includes:

Kimax 1 trailer 2 SG sensors

Part number 10236

1 x display trailer

1 x sturdy stainless steel frame

2 x PN 10208 SG sensor

2 x extension cable

additional you must purchase gluing kit


Kimax 1 trailer 3 SG  sensors

Part number 10237

1 x display trailer

1 x sturdy stainless steel frame

3 x PN 10208 SG sensor

3 x extension cable

additional you must purchase gluing kit

Axle Load Meter – for trailers/semitrailers

Intended for use on trailers and semitrailers: The Kimax 1 axle load display is designed for mounting in a sturdy, waterproof stainless steel housing direct on the chassis.

The scale you take with you …

Kimax 1, the axle load meter for economical and convenient supervision of axle loads on vehicles, trailers and semitrailers equipped with a mechanical spring suspension system.
Kimax 1 calculates the current axle load from the current strain in the axles and displays this figure as a three-digit value.

The SG sensors installed on the axles are connected to the display through extension cables and connectors.

… and warns when limits are exceeded

Kimax 1 has two separately adjustable alarm values. Exceeding alarm level 1 is indicated by a flashing display. Exceeding alarm level 2 switches in an internal relay. The relay signal can be used as ON/OFF input for another unit, for example an on-board computer or an external lamp.

Kimax 1 helps to achieve economical transportation, avoid fines and simultaneously optimizes the cargo weight.

Sensor configuration

On vehicles with two  or three axles a SG sensor must be installed on each axle in order of measuring the load equalized between the axles.

Axle load measurement

Kimax 1 uses the linearrity between strain in the axles and load above the axle group.

By using two reference points (empty weight and weight at maximum load) and the current measured strain, Kimax 1 calculate the current axle load with an accuracy of 2% of the maximum load.

Basic operation

Depending on load of the vehicle, the strain in topside of the axle will increase, this strain is measured by a SG sensor on each individual axle.


SG sensor installed on trailer rear axle

2 SG sensor spring-system P/N 10236

In this version, the axle load reading is measured on two axles as one axle group.


3 SG sensor spring-system P/N 10237

In this version the axle load reading is calculated for all three axles and displayed as a axle load for the axle group.


Display of reading

KIMAX has a three-digit 7-segment LED display. The decimal points can be set at the second or third digit or removed completely depending on weighing range.

Two modes of display can be selected:

• Automatic switch off of display after approx. 2 minutes reading (Recommended in cabins only).

• Continuous display readings (Recommended on trailer/semitrailer)

(Factory setting).


RS-232 serial output (option 1) Kimax 1 is available with a serial output in RS-232 format, offering you the displayed value in digital format intended for on-board computers or GPS/tracking units.

Analogue output (option 2) Kimax 1 is available with an analog 0-5 V output corresponding to the displayed value you read on the unit. This output is intended for on-board computers or remote display purpose.

Serial printer output (option 4) Kimax 1 is available with output for most common serial printers.

Cabin version Intended for use in driver’s cab: The Kimax 1 display is supplied with a mount for simple installation on the dashboard.

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Technical Specifications


Supply voltage 10 – 30 V direct current
Current consumption max 90 mA (with relay active)
Relay output Normally open contact max 1 A / 30 V DC
Display Three-digits 7-segment LED character height 20.3 mm
Accuracy 2% of maximum load at 0 °C – +50 °C
SG sensor 0 – 20 mA
Operating temperature -25°C to +70°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C
Dimensions (display) 175 x 135 x 90 mm
Weight (display) approx. 1650 g
Protective class IP65
Approval CE and E1


Kimax 1 and Kimax 2 are a series of high quality well proven on-board scales for use on trucks, buses and loading equipment. For detailed product selection guide please go to Kimax 1 and Kimax 2 are registered trademarks owned by Sense-Tech Weighing Systems.

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