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Lins says

Lins trucking company in Thuringia uses Kimax for precision vehicle axle weighing

Wigbert Lins Spedition & Handel GmbH from Gernrode in Eichsfeld, Thuringia has a fleet of 66 silo trucks for shipping all kinds of bulk goods across Western and Central Europe. For precision vehicle weighing, the trucking company has relied on the Kimax weighing solution from the Danish company, Sense-Tech Weighing Systems ApS for the past 20 years or so.

On-board weighing

As Managing Director Wigbert Lins explains: “We decided at a very early stage to invest in an on-board weighing system for our vehicles to always ensure that we get the most out of them. On the one hand, we mustn’t overload our trailers, yet on the other, we want to make full use of the admissible payload to ensure efficient operations. Precision weighing by Kimax lets us do exactly that. “

Load to the limit

The Lins trucking company already began fitting its vehicles with the Kimax system back in 2000. “Precision weighing during trailer loading makes work incredibly easy and saves a huge amount of time“, adds Lins. “Kimax really comes into its own when no scale is available under the filling station. Every trip to the weighbridge is time-consuming, especially when several vehicles are already in the queue, and even more so when it turns out that the vehicle is either not already full or has been overloaded; if this happens, we either have to head back to the filling station or offload.“

Save your time

Wigbert Lins estimates that his company saves around half an hour per day and vehicle – with 66 articulated trucks on the road six days a week, this adds up to an appreciable amount of time.
The trucking company from Thuringia benefits from Kimax in many respects. Direct precision weighing during filling ensures efficient optimised processes and the shortest possible standing times, while easy avoidance of overloading lets Wigbert Lins GmbH reduce vehicle wear and tear, not to mention saving them fines.

Year around

Aside from weighing accuracy and fast and easy system operation, the other major benefit of Kimax in the managing director’s view is temperature compensation. “The system measures precisely, summer and winter, indoors and outdoors. We can always rely fully on the Kimax Truck scales system, and always know when we have reached the admissible payload.”