Load tracking

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Load Tracking

Welcome to Kimax truck-tracking support.



  1. Onboard weighing system installed in your truck and trailer
  2. Telemetric system installed in your truck
  3. Cloud service making you data use-able and visible in reports

Basically you have two options for reading Truck and/or trailer weights by our Kimax system.

You install Kimax radio display in the cabin of the truck and a Kimax sensor box on the trailer. These two devices communicate through the wires for indicator lights from trailer to truck. Additionally you must include the necessary sensors for properly load readings. This system is able to work as a stand alone system including all SW for maintain an accurate calibration of the weighing system. Kimax radio display is able to read out the actual gross weight and single axle weights direct in the cabin. Output from system is a digital “word” or message saying the actual weight of truck and/or trailer. This “word” can be forward by your GPS-tracker to your back-end server platform. This system is the most accurate solution and also the most expensive solution.

A simple solution is installing only one or more load sensors on the trailer axle(s) and route a separate cable from that sensor to a CV-interface connecting the SG sensors to the GPS-tracking device, which you perhaps have installed in the cabin of the truck, or alternatively  installed in a protecting box on the trailer. This is for sure the most inexpensive solution, because you only need to buy a set of load sensor(s) including some cables. The disadvantage is you must do a programming on the server side maintaining the calibration of the trailer. From our side you only get a signal in range 0 – 5 Volt representing the load of your trailer. This 0-5 Volt signal you can read by your analog input on the GPS unit. You can view this installation on this video: https://vimeo.com/456892540/c99d8a83d7

Doing the solution 2 calls for a major SW development on your side in order of managing the calibration parameters.

Both Kimax 1 and Kimax 2 supports a serial RS-232 output for online weighing through most GPS tracking systems in the market.

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