Scandinavian precision,
global availability

Our weighing system Kimax is designed for more precision, more control, more freedom. Whether transporting wood in Sweden or driving a road train in the Australian outback.

The perfect payload,
every time

Don’t ever get refused at the gate or the mill again because of an excessive load.

Optimize routes with
real time readings

Real-time readings reduce time spent driving your garbage trucks around with empty loads.

Avoid fines and
unneccesary stops

Stop wasting time at weight stations unloading excessive goods and paying fines that cut into your profit.

Eliminate additional
maintenance costs

Heavy loads take a toll on your dump truck. Our overload management helps you to maintain your warranty.

What are you weighing?

Select your setup below to find the right Kimax solution.

Kimax 1 & 2

Get a quick overview of both truck and trailer weight,
precision within 1%-2%.

The Kimax weighing system is engineered to fit your need perfectly. Kimax can be tailored for your new vehicle or your existing convoy of vehicles, regardless of product brand and age. It is all about precision and setting up a weighing system that works just right for your business.