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Digital axle load vs manometer

Electronic systems for axle load monitoring vs manometer

Regional and national regulations call for axle load measuring devices for indicating single axle load or indicating total weight of commercial vehicles in special circumstances. §70 of the StVZO explain what is valid I Germany as an example.

Clear weight readout on digital display
Electronic systems for axle load monitoring can read out axle weight in clear display by measuring air spring pressure.
The electronic display can be installed in the motor vehicle as well as it can be installed outside on the vehicle chassis close to the axles.
Electronic axle load monitoring systems can monitor axle load on air spring suspended axles as well as mechanical suspended axles having leaf spring or parabolic springs.
Electronic axle load systems can display single axle weight and display total weight.

Manometer for checking air bellow pressure.
Pressure measuring devices (manometers) for checking the air bellows pressure in combination with a diagram or a table in which the conversion of pressure into axle load can be a costless solution.
Conversion table or diagram can be attached as a board or sticker near the pressure measuring device.
Manometer checking of axle load is only applicable for air spring suspension.


Compare Digital Axle Load vs. Manometer
Kimax Onboard WeighingManometer
Air suspended vehiclesYesYes
Mechanical suspended vehiclesYesNo
Read out in BarYesYes
Read out in TonYesNo
Single Axle read outYesNo *
Payload read outYesNo
Gross weight read outYesYes *
* Depending on axle configuration

The axle load measuring devices are used exclusively to establish suspicion and therefore do not need to be calibrated.

The axle load measuring devices used must be functional when the vehicle/vehicle combination is operated on public roads. Before starting operation, they must be checked for functionality.