Kimax 2 menu full version

Kimax 2 menu SW ver 9.XX family

Here you will find a description of the full menu in a Kimax 2 device.

You enter the menu by pressing the button for more than 2 seconds.

The factory configuration of your Kimax system may be different from what you see here. You can customize your own Kimax system using the Kimax Terminal. Download is available from our support page.

You can scroll through the menu on your device by pressing the buttons and .

You get access to the displayed menu function by pressing the button .

On this page you can walk through all menus or simply jump to the menu you want to explore.

PPP - print-out

To get a printed copy of your load you will need to connect a printer to the Kimax 2 device.

Pressing the button while the display reads PPP, you will get a printed copy of your actual load.

After printing, the Kimax 2 leaves the menu and returns to normal reading of the weight.

The printer must be set-up as shown here:

Baud rate 4.800
Data bit 8
Parity N
Stopbit 1
Flow control N

Electric diagram and video explaining how to connect a printer to your Kimax 2 device.